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  • How to Use Non-woven Masks Correctly?
    Non-woven fabric is one of the most common mask raw materials.The outer layer of non-woven masks often accumulates a lot of dirt, bacteria and other dirt in the outside air, while the inner layer bloc...
  • How to Choose a Mask?
    1. Select the appropriate type of maskMedical protective masks should be the first choice for medical workers. Ordinary absorbent gauze mask should be the first choice for ordinary people in their d...
  • Types of Masks​
    According to the protection level of medical masks to the wearer, medical masks can be divided into four levels:Minimum respirators are suitable for short procedures or inspections that do not involve...
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Booth Reservation for SINCE 2019 Begins!

SINCE has become a leading trade show for non-woven industry in Asia. With over 500 exhibitors from key manufactory countries including the USA, Germany,  Japan, South Korea, and other 20+ countries and regions. Exhibitors from related industries which covering from hygiene, filtration, apparels, medical, automotive, wiping, home furnishing & upholstery, etc.

SINCE 2019 Figures Preview *forecast

  • 27,000 visitors

  • 34,000㎡ Exhibition Space

  • 500 exhibitors

4 Main Exhibits Categories

  • Nonwovens

  • Raw materials and Accessories

  • Machinery

  • Services

Booth Reservation for SINCE 2019 Begins!