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Advantages and Disadvantages of Different Types of Masks

Nowadays, with the increasing pollution of automobile exhaust, haze, and other bad weather, more and more people are wearing masks, that is to say, masks have become a necessity in our life.

 1. Cotton mask
Advantages: it is warm, can be repeatedly cleaned and used, and can maintain the filtering effect of the mask by changing the filter.

Disadvantages: breathing is not very comfortable after use. If the product is used many times, it is easy to cause pollution or bacterial infection and unsanitary.

Note: there are many cotton masks on the market containing carcinogenic fluorescent agents, which are easy to enter the human body through the nose and mouth, causing harm to the human body. So when choosing, we should pay more attention to not buying the cotton mask with a fluorescent agent.

2. Fashionable cotton mask
Advantages: warm, reusable, personalized and good-looking.

Disadvantages: no protection against the haze. After repeated use, it is easy to cause pollution or bacterial infection, that is, unsanitary. Also, most printing and dyeing materials contain harmful heavy metals, so it is not recommended to use them for a long time.

3. Medical non-woven mask
Advantages: good filtering effect of bacteria and virus, comfortable, clean and sanitary.

Disadvantages: poor sealing.

Note: when we choose, we should choose the mask with a smooth or soft surface. This mask can be used in haze weather and flu season all year round. It can also be worn two at a time to increase its sealing and protection effect.

4. Active carbon mask
Advantages: good filtering effect of bacteria and virus, can absorb odor, formaldehyde and slightly toxic gas.

Disadvantages: poor air permeability.

Note: the market will not rule out the use of black cloth as activated carbon unscrupulous business. So when choosing, we can open the mask and rub the cloth to see if black carbon particles are falling. Besides, when wearing the mask, the black side must face outward, and it is forbidden to touch the mouth. This kind of mask is suitable for places with the peculiar smell, bad smell or excessive formaldehyde.

5. Kn90 & kn95 mask
Advantages: fine dust filtering effect and good sealing effect.

Disadvantages: stuffy and uncomfortable. Masks are easy to cause respiratory diseases.

Note: it is recommended to wear it for 1-2 hours. You can also take off your breath for about half an hour. For the elderly, children, patients with respiratory diseases and the weak, it is better not to use.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Different Types of Masks